I have always been a relatively reserved person… I don’t like to make waves or attract attention. That’s probably why, as Biscotte & Cie has grown in popularity, I’ve quietly stepped aside to make room. With the years, the “I” of Biscotte & Cie has become “we”… and I sometimes have the feeling that thePlus ➡

This shawl pattern was designed by Louise Robert during a wonderful trip to Mexico, Riviera Maya nearby the archaeological site Xcaret. The rich history of this site from the Mayan civilization was a source of inspiration for this model ♥ The Xcaret shawl has a geometrical shape bordered with a lace pattern showing natural curves inspiredPlus ➡

knitting design shawl

Each Unpredictable Shawl is unique! To knit this shawl, you will need yarn, knitting needles and two dice. How does it work? Simply roll the dice: one of them tells you which skein to use and the other shows the knitting pattern to follow ♥ The Biscotte’s Shawl Knitting Game comes in a gift box on Biscotte Yarns thatPlus ➡

Funky Sock pattern design is worked from the toes to the top and it can be worked with a set of 5 double-pointed needles (DPN) or on circular needles. Find this pattern on BiscotteYarns.com! This sock knitting design was written for the Biscotte Mystery Sock Club, you can now purchase the single pattern or buy it as a kitPlus ➡

knitting design shawl

I had fun with the Byzantin shawl, playing with one self-striping, one speckled and one semi-solid color. Faster to knit with DK weight yarn, you won’t get bored with this project! Find the pattern on Biscotte Yarns website. SIZE AFTER BLOCKING : Width = 193 cm (76’’) Height = 61 cm (24’’)  You will need the following: Plus ➡

This shawl is an original design created for Biscotte Yarns, worked in three pieces: its base is composed of two triangles crowned with a diamond. Both triangles are worked separately and are assembled together when knitting the third part. While working on this shawl, I remembered a specific project from my studies in art historyPlus ➡

Bas démo FINI, mission ACCOMPLIE!!  😛 Le bas que Patrick m’a demandé de créer et tricoter est TER-MI-NÉ..! Tsé quand t’es en plein milieu d’un châle et que ton mari te fait une demande spéciale que tu ne peux pas refuser!!  🙄 C’est maintenant chose faite (Je remercie au passage Netflix et sa série Les Opératrices du téléphonePlus ➡

Coucou les tricopines! Pour celles qui m’ont suivi du temps que j’écrivais sur Biscottecie.com/blogue je me dois faire un petit retour en accéléré sur ce qui s’est passé au cours des dernières années! Bon première des choses: mes enfants ne sont plus des enfants  😥 Il sont maintenant devenus des ados avec tout ce que çaPlus ➡

Après avoir créé et rédigé pendant près de 6 ans un blog qui s’est transformé en entreprise dont je suis très fière, je reviens avec une nouvelle voix, une place à moi où je pourrai vous raconter un peu mon quotidien. Ce premier article très modeste, presque timide, me replonge dans la blogosphère et jePlus ➡

Original pattern by Louise Robert for Biscotte Yarns : “When I designed this crescent shawl, I wanted to create of a wraparound shawl that would be worn just as a comforting blanket. The softness of Sirius yarn and its rustic look were exactly what I needed to achieve this project! In addition to the instructionsPlus ➡