Zigging the Zag shawl…

At last! After a loooong nightmare caused by a virus-whose-name-should-not-be-pronounced, life is slowly but surely returning to “normal”… Before everything went crazy, I was working on a new shawl design so every night of this crisis, I was “Zigging the Zag”💤 !! …and this project helped me to find peace of mind every night after a long day of hard work!

Because most of this design was improvised, I had to resolve myself to write this pattern row by row…. which took me 3 – 4 full days (and possibly aggravated my myopia of 10% 😜)

Now this pattern is currently being tested by 18 of my wonderful testers and I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to them: their help is SOOO PRECIOUS and allows me to offer patterns that are clearer and hopefully easier to understand. 😘 I can’t wait to see all these new Zigging the Zag shawls!!

If you would like to be added to my testers list, you can CLICK HERE 😉

To work this shawl, I used the following hand-dyed yarns:

Louise Robert Design – Super Sock (75% merino sw, 25% nylon; 400m by 100g skeins)

Les Laines Biscotte – Hermione (75% Kid Mohair et 25% soie; 420m par écheveau de 50g)


  • WIDTH measured from one tip to the other : 244 cm; 96 in
  • HEIGHT measured on the center : 53 cm; 21 in

What’s next?

I’ve always been a HUGE FAN of Noro Yarns and since the beautiful ITO yarn is now available in Biscotte local yarn stores, I couldn’t resist and grabbed this two awesome colours to start a shawl:

Noro ITO

If you know me, you’ve probably noticed that I’m constantly looking for new ways to play with colours! I made no exception to the rule with those two balls of yarn!! I am currently working on the last rows of this new shawl where I alternate two rows of each balls!

Here is a picture of the shawl beginning…

Here’s what the final result should look like: (unfortunately my skills as an illustrator are not very developed but you can get the idea 🤓)

I should be able to show you the real final result shortly! Since then, I am wishing you a beautiful day, stay healty and knit outside to enjoy the sun when you can!

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