Hello lovely readers! Over the past few months my two grown daughters (19 and 20) have left home to fly on their own… I still have my 17 year old baby left, we went from a household of 5 to 3 👨👩👦 After so many years of living all together, it changes a life whetherPlus ➡

Hello dear blog readers and knitters! I have been busy lately and didn’t took the time to show you my latest designs!! I have launched a new shawl design, which I am very proud. This shawl is named Across the universe… This shawl is knitted diagonally using short rows. Unlike traditional shawls, the further alongPlus ➡

I am so proud and excited about the new yarn being added to my collection: The launch date for the new GRANOLA is April 29 (YESSS!!) 😁😁😁 This new yarn is made of 70% merino wool and 30% hemp and contains 300 yards of yarn per 100 gram skein. Since hemp does not absorb dyePlus ➡

During my career as a designer, I have written over 120 knitting patterns (thanks to Ravelry for keeping track)! For one reason or another, some of them have been more successful, as is the case with the sock pattern Les Moutons de Biscotte (Biscotte’s sheep), which has been knitted several hundred times since its publicationPlus ➡

Less than 29 days until the end of 2020 (we were looking forward to the end of this one, weren’t we?) and I am glad to show you my two present your my last two sweater patterns of the year! This new design was created with the new Merino Worsted yarn that was added latelyPlus ➡

Octopus Garden Shawl

I am particularly happy to present my new design: the Octopus Garden shawl 🤗. Why? Because I rarely write my designs with yarn that is not my own hand-dyed yarn… Not by lack of interest in other brands (not at all!!!) but due to a lack of time! 😐 I often look at all thePlus ➡

Impressionist yoke

I am particularly proud to present this new Impressionist model 🤗 This design combines all my passions: art history and knitting with artisanal yarn. ♥ Impressionism is an artistic movement characterized, among other things, by its visible brush strokes and a desire to capture fugitive impressions as well as the light of atmospheric phenomena. ItPlus ➡

A quick post to let you know that my Zigging the Zag shawl is now officially launched and you can get it for FREE on BiscotteYarns.com ! To celebrate this new design, I organized a GIVEAWAY on my Instagram account with the collaboration of Biscotte Yarns ♥ Voir cette publication sur Instagram I am veryPlus ➡

I don’t know if it feels the same for other designers, but when I finish a design and stand in front of a blank page, I have a feeling of hollowness that makes me anxious almost every time! I feel swallowed up by all the possibilities: which yarn shoud I pick? What garment type: doPlus ➡

At last! After a loooong nightmare caused by a virus-whose-name-should-not-be-pronounced, life is slowly but surely returning to “normal”… Before everything went crazy, I was working on a new shawl design so every night of this crisis, I was “Zigging the Zag”💤 !! …and this project helped me to find peace of mind every night afterPlus ➡