I am so proud and excited about the new yarn being added to my collection: The launch date for the new GRANOLA is April 29 (YESSS!!) 😁😁😁 This new yarn is made of 70% merino wool and 30% hemp and contains 300 yards of yarn per 100 gram skein. Since hemp does not absorb dyePlus ➡

Less than 29 days until the end of 2020 (we were looking forward to the end of this one, weren’t we?) and I am glad to show you my two present your my last two sweater patterns of the year! This new design was created with the new Merino Worsted yarn that was added latelyPlus ➡

Impressionist yoke

I am particularly proud to present this new Impressionist model 🤗 This design combines all my passions: art history and knitting with artisanal yarn. ♥ Impressionism is an artistic movement characterized, among other things, by its visible brush strokes and a desire to capture fugitive impressions as well as the light of atmospheric phenomena. ItPlus ➡

Yoke sweater design

During the last week, I had the pleasure to launch TWO new sweater designs: the dolman “Fair and Square” and the yoke pullover “Notre Dame” ✔ FAIR AND SQUARE DESIGN The Fair and Square is a “dolman” style pullover with “bat” sleeves! Since I like my clothes to be comfortable, I try to avoid fittedPlus ➡

I had this design in my mind for several years: I wanted to create a cardigan knitted in the round, starting from the outside to end at the center / middle of the back … A bit like a vortex that is characterized by a decreasing swirl around a rotating axis. This pattern contains 3 appendices at thePlus ➡

This men’s sweater pattern was created specifically for the Martin-Matte Foundation as part of Les Beaux 4 Heures, a ski marathon aimed at raising funds to help victims of head trauma. The Martin-Matte Foundation asked Biscotte Yarns to create and knit a custom-made pattern to promote this event and it is with great pleasure that wePlus ➡

knitting design sweater

This design was created for Biscotte Yarns. Knits this sweater from one sleeve to the other through the neckline. The stitches are then pulled up all around the bust to finish the knitting by the ribs at the waist, without any seam! So you can easily adjust the length of the sleeves and the bodyPlus ➡