In my heart

For me, AUTUMN rhymes with KNITTING 🙂 Yes I know that from a phonetic point of view it’s not quite exact … but in my heart, it is so TRUE!

In a similar way, I would also add that AUTUMN rhymes with beauty, nature, fresh air, colors and hot drinks… This magical season entitles me to all these pleasures, draped in the comfort of a warm woolly knitwear, I enjoy life in its most basic form 🍁


When autumn arrives, I am coming back to life … and if a place existed where it’s fall permanently, I would make this place my home forever! 🍂

At this time of the year, I would like to cast-on a dozen of new knitting projects, make soup and bake apple muffins … For someone who does not like to cook, it’s quite something! 😋

Despite starting twelve new projects (since there are only 24 hours in a day) I set my sights on a YOKE style sweater design with stranded colorwork!

I’m using the hand-dyed yarn DK PURE from Louise Robert Design collection and as the main color, I choosed PARCHEMIN, and for the fairisle pattern, BELLE BRUME and TRAVIATA ❤️❤️❤️

I am more than happy with the result so far 🤗 I spent a lot of time creating this pattern and I decided to integrate apparent increases to become integral part of the colorwork design, following the tutorial by Andrea Yetman “How to M1 (make one) in Seamless yoke” that you can find on Biscotte Yarns’s blog.

I’m also working on another project, a textured top that I knit by alternating the DK PURE in Tudors and the Boucle Mohair in Traviata 🙂 How I love the mixture of these two colors!!… and what about the TEXTURE with loopy mohair .. ! If this wool was eatable, I would probably take a bite 😜

This new design will be called Loop Groop, and will be available in a short version (crop top) and I am now knitting the long version. This design is meant be worn with positive ease and will be available in one size to wear as a large and comfortable blanket 😊 Rereading the effect that the fall was on me, I think this new design represents well my love for this season …

Would you like to see the final result ?? Write me your comments: I won’t bite 🤪

3 Replies to “In my heart”

  1. j’aime beaucoup votre laine et c’est avec un grand plaisir que je la tricote – les couleurs sont merveilleuses –

  2. Oui, j’aimerais beaucoup voir le résultat final! J’aimerais aussi voir plus d’idées de patrons avec la laine boucle mohair. C’est pour cette raison que je suis venue voir dans Ravelry aujourd’hui mais aussi pour voir les autres projets de votre sublime collection Louise Robert Design!

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