Hello lovely readers! Over the past few months my two grown daughters (19 and 20) have left home to fly on their own… I still have my 17 year old baby left, we went from a household of 5 to 3 👨👩👦 After so many years of living all together, it changes a life whetherPlus ➡

Hello dear blog readers and knitters! I have been busy lately and didn’t took the time to show you my latest designs!! I have launched a new shawl design, which I am very proud. This shawl is named Across the universe… This shawl is knitted diagonally using short rows. Unlike traditional shawls, the further alongPlus ➡

Octopus Garden Shawl

I am particularly happy to present my new design: the Octopus Garden shawl 🤗. Why? Because I rarely write my designs with yarn that is not my own hand-dyed yarn… Not by lack of interest in other brands (not at all!!!) but due to a lack of time! 😐 I often look at all thePlus ➡

A quick post to let you know that my Zigging the Zag shawl is now officially launched and you can get it for FREE on BiscotteYarns.com ! To celebrate this new design, I organized a GIVEAWAY on my Instagram account with the collaboration of Biscotte Yarns ♥ Voir cette publication sur Instagram I am veryPlus ➡

At last! After a loooong nightmare caused by a virus-whose-name-should-not-be-pronounced, life is slowly but surely returning to “normal”… Before everything went crazy, I was working on a new shawl design so every night of this crisis, I was “Zigging the Zag”💤 !! …and this project helped me to find peace of mind every night afterPlus ➡

Sometime, the process of designing a new pattern is full of surprises… I was knitting this new shawl design and I was not so excited with te result. I even thought I might not write the pattern at all… and then I blocked it 😳 I wasn’t sure yet but I started to think thatPlus ➡

It’s been more than a decade that I started to design knitting patterns (!!!) and some models have been forgotten over the years. Normal since we like to see what’s new and the latest knitting trends 😉 Recently at Biscotte we went around the “old” patterns and we decided to give them an “extreme makeover”Plus ➡

I am very happy with this new shawl design: Bain de Soleil (which means “sunbath” in french)  😉 This design was inspired by colors (as always) and textures of different yarns blended together: Flamel (for the look of alpaca), Fizwizbiz (for the lovely 1ply-sparkling effect) and Hermione (my beloved fuzzy silk mohair) !! I was helped byPlus ➡

Premier post de l’année…! Ce qui nous rappelle une fois de plus à quel point le temps passe vite!! L’année 2019 qui vient de pointer le bout de son nez est remplie de possibilités et j’ai envie de toutes les saisir! Tout d’abord, flash back sur les dernières semaines de 2018 et les derniers designsPlus ➡

Après avoir passé des jours, des semaines (et même parfois des mois!) à écrire un nouveau modèle, mon moment favori est très certainement le shooting photo! C’est le moment de gloire: la cerise sur le gâteau !! J’aime tellement prendre les photos de mes modèles que je me demande si je n’ai pas développé unePlus ➡