I don’t know if it feels the same for other designers, but when I finish a design and stand in front of a blank page, I have a feeling of hollowness that makes me anxious almost every time! I feel swallowed up by all the possibilities: which yarn shoud I pick? What garment type: doPlus ➡

Now that 2019 is coming to an end, I’ve looked back at all the knitting patterns I’ve designed since my humble beginnings in 2007 – my designer profile on Ravelry shows that I’ve written 96 knitting patterns 😲 Nearly one hundred! That’s a lot of stitches, a lot of calculations and a lot of headachesPlus ➡

Premier post de l’année…! Ce qui nous rappelle une fois de plus à quel point le temps passe vite!! L’année 2019 qui vient de pointer le bout de son nez est remplie de possibilités et j’ai envie de toutes les saisir! Tout d’abord, flash back sur les dernières semaines de 2018 et les derniers designsPlus ➡