New Granola yarn

I am so proud and excited about the new yarn being added to my collection: The launch date for the new GRANOLA is April 29 (YESSS!!) 😁😁😁

This new yarn is made of 70% merino wool and 30% hemp and contains 300 yards of yarn per 100 gram skein. Since hemp does not absorb dye like protein fiber (wool), the result is really unique with a very “natural” look that I LOVE!!!

See for yourself some of the colors in this upcoming collection:

Another interesting fact with this hemp yarn is its washing care as it is machine washable and dryable!!! 🀨 I’m serious!!! Since hemp fiber has the property of stretching a lot when wet, it requires machine drying to return to its original shape. That said, if after several machine dryings, you find that the garment has shrunk a bit, spray it with a little water and block it to the desired dimensions (or take it out of the dryer before it’s completely dry to stretch it and finish drying it flat).

How wonderful is this property for such a beautiful hand-dyed yarn? β™₯

So to celebrate the arrival of GRANOLA in my collection, I wrote a short-sleeved top pattern with this yarn where I combined features I love most in my own wardrobe: a slightly oversized sweater with fitted short sleeves for a feminine touch.

This picture doesn’t really do the model justice since the mannequin is too small (I designed the prototype for my size) but better pictures will follow eventually!

Since this design is worked from one sleeve to the other, I simply played with garter stitch rows over stockinette in front of the bust. Hence the name: the VERTILIGNE sweater (for vertical and “ligne” which means lines in french). This design is currently being tested by a few volunteer knitters πŸ€— If you’d like to join our merry group of testers, add your email to this list ✍

That’s not all…

At Biscotte Yarns, we recently decided to feature knitting news by creating short weekly videos so I will have the pleasure to unveil and comment the new products at Biscotte, the patterns and knitting trends every week starting this week πŸ˜…

See you soon…

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    1. Hello Janyt! Thank you for your interest in this new yarn β™₯ Granola was so popular that we had to temporary remove it from our online store! But no worries: it will be back within a week or two! I will announce the return of the Granola on Instagram and Facebook as soon as it gets here πŸ˜‰ Stay tuned x x

  1. Dear Louise,
    I have completed the first sleeve using DP needles. I moved all the stitches onto the 42 inch circular needle and now I’m unsure how to continue. Using just the sketch in the pattern, it looks as if I should cast on the new stitches using my working yarn, but here is where I’m confused.
    Do I use my current working yarn or should I cast on stitches from a new ball? If I use the Cable Cast-On, the new stitches will end where my original working yarn left off. Do I cast on from the purl side on the other needle? Will the new ball become my new working yarn?
    I’m sure I’m not really explaining this very well, but I cannot see how I can cast on at each end of the circular needle as the sleeve stitches will not stretch enough to use this large needle. Is there a tutorial that shows how to do this?
    I’m very anxious to continue working on this, but I’m completely stuck at this point.
    Thank you.
    Dee Cortiglio

    1. Hello Dee, I am sorry for the delay of answer: I am not monitoring the comments here on the blog on a daily basis. You must start to cast-on the new stitches starting from the sleeve, at the beginning of the round, with your current working yarn… Therefor you will end casting the new stitches with the working yarn and knit the stitches you have just casted on with the working yarn… Does it make sens?

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