Biscotte's sheep socks

During my career as a designer, I have written over 120 knitting patterns (thanks to Ravelry for keeping track)!

For one reason or another, some of them have been more successful, as is the case with the sock pattern Les Moutons de Biscotte (Biscotte’s sheep), which has been knitted several hundred times since its publication in 2012.

That’s a lot of sheep, right?! 😁 So I decided to review the original 2012 version, which you can still download free of charge on (or use THIS LINK if you are browsing from Canada)

So here is the revamped design Les Moutons de Biscotte, version 2021!

I took the opportunity to modify the finition by adding ribs and removing the picot bind-off. Several knitters have done it this way on Ravelry and I think they are better looking this way!

Is there any other pattern that I previously designed that you would like to get reedited? Let me know in the comments!! 🤓


I know that spring is not there yet but if you are like me, you are probably starting to think about lightweight project for the upcoming season!! And this is why I want to make sure you know the gorgeous Algua Marina yarn, made with Seacell and silk!

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2 Replies to “Biscotte's sheep socks”

  1. I love knitting socks now that my mother took the time to teach me and i also joined a knitting group to support me. My mom also recommended Les laines biscottes and this is where i discovered your patterns.
    My oldest sister is a fan of sheep, so i decided to attempt Les moutons de biscottes for her birthday in Sept.
    Note: i have never knitted socks starting from toe.

    Question: i am used to DPN needles, when i start the toe, do i use 2 needles or 3 + one to go around? I am a little confused.
    If i do used 4 needles, how many sts for each 3 needles?

    1. Hello Nancy! I am glad to hear that your mom recommended Biscotte Yarns ♥♥♥ To work the toe, here is what I can suggest for Les Moutons de Biscotte: you need to cast-on 32 sts. Therefore you could put 16 sts on DPN#1 (sole side), 8 on DPN#2 + 8 on DPN#3 (these last 8 + 8 sts will be used for the instep). I hope it help! Enjoy your moutons knitting 🐑

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