Octopus Garden 🐙 Shawl

I am particularly happy to present my new design: the Octopus Garden shawl 🤗.

Why? Because I rarely write my designs with yarn that is not my own hand-dyed yarn… Not by lack of interest in other brands (not at all!!!) but due to a lack of time! 😐

I often look at all the yarns and beautiful fibers in the Biscotte local yarn stores and I’m ecstatic: I would love to have 48 hours a day to knit whatever I want!! But the Noro…. can you resist the colors of NORO??? I don’t 🙈 !!

Most of my designs are inspired by colors and for this bold and rustic Noro Ito, I decided to play with stripes by blending two balls of different colors and to emphasize the colors of each ball by creating waves with short rows.

The name of this shawl, Octopus Garden, is a reference to a Beatles song which you probably already know… MAESTRO !!

Just like listening to a Beatles album, knitting Noro yarns always makes me happy!  I thought that this shawl could be my “Octopus’s Garden” and as in the song that bears that name, It will make me “warm, below the storm, in my little hideaway beneath the waves

If you like the octopus topic, you can find a Pinterest board where I pinned some photos and illustrations on this theme 🐙:

My octopus garden pinterest board

I hope you will enjoy your Octopus Garden shawl as much as I love mine!!

9 Replies to “Octopus Garden 🐙 Shawl”

  1. This pattern is so much fun to knit! I love watching the colors play out. Thank you Louise!

  2. I love this pattern! I just finished the first wave and am thrilled with how it’s turning out. Using Noro Ito. I’m having so much fun with it I’m already thinking of what colors I want to use for my second shawl.

  3. Bonjour Madame Louise
    Je suis présentement à tricoter ce châle et suis rendu à la première bande ondulée et je ne comprends vraiment pas comment effectuer cette partie .
    J’aurais besoin d’explications plus détaillées.
    Les vagues et les creux de vagues?

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