New hand-dyed yarn Collection Louise Robert Design

Hello Knitters! I am so excited today because I am currently working on my new hand-dyed yarn Collection: Louise Robert Design  😀

 DISTRIBUTED BY BISCOTTE YARNS in store and online from July 1st 2019

Why this new collection of hand-dyed yarn?

My love for knitting became more serious a decade ago 🙊. If you did not know me at the time, you can read about my first steps in knitting on, Biscotte & Cie: the blog at the origin of Biscotte Yarns (which is available in french only)!! My interest in wool and knitting quickly led me and Patrick to a new common passion: hand-dyed yarn!

In 2007, our children were young (7, 6 and 4 years old !!) and at the time, we were immersed in the world of childhood, a playful world where Harry Potter, sirens and fairies 🧚‍♀️ exist and we goes to bed with fairy tales 🦄

So for ten years we developed our hand-dyed yarns in a candid atmosphere where evolved happy, vibrant and primary colors… then, as everything else, the years passed. Our kids grew up and became teens while slowly we saw the first gray hair grow on our heads.

From our kitchen at home, Biscotte & Cie became a local yarn store with a workshop… along the way, the shop and dyeing workshop expanded to the point where it became impossible to coexist under the same roof. Therefore, we moved the workshop to a new localtion and opened a warehouse in 2017! To meet the demand, we opened two more local yarn shop and Biscotte & Cie is now an SME with thirty employees!

Phew! Time has passed and I have changed as a person, as a knitter and a designer. Now I feel like I need to redefine myself and I want to go back to the roots. They talk about “midlife crisis” as a period of questioning our role as a woman… basically that’s about it!

My interest in sweaters and shawls designs has increased (and I want to knit for me more often)! This is the reason why I needed a new collection which represents the “new me” .. or should I say: the “original me”!

I went back to my roots and with the help of my husband who has always been with me since the beginning of this adventure and with the help of our wonderful team, we have created this new color palette that you will discover very soon with the new hand-dyed yarn Collection Louise Robert Design.

Sneak peek from this new collection below 🤪 the complete collection will be unveiled at Biscotte Yarns Evenement Festif!

hand-dyed yarn collection

6 Replies to “New hand-dyed yarn Collection Louise Robert Design”

  1. j’aime beaucoup tricoter avec votre laine – il y a de tres belles couleurs – une laine tres douce –

  2. Very pretty colors, I’m excited to see the whole collection. I just turned 5-O (like in Hawaii) lol, I don’t feel 50 and my kids are all out of the house, so this is a new time for my husband and I too!

    1. Indeed! My older daughter just left home 3 days ago for summer… this was unattended 😳 Just when we were becoming « friends »… I feel that my heart is broken but I am happy that she will learn to live on her own for a while 😢 Aahh: being a parent is never easy 😉

    1. Bonjour Geneviève, merci de votre intérêt et toutes mes excuses pour la réponse tardive! Je ne consulte pas les commentaires sur mon blog de façon régulière 🙈

      Pouvez-vous adresser votre demande à ? La personne en charge des comptes distributeurs se fera un plaisir de vous aider.

      Merci et au plaisir!

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