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Hello lovely readers! Over the past few months my two grown daughters (19 and 20) have left home to fly on their own… I still have my 17 year old baby left, we went from a household of 5 to 3 πŸ‘¨πŸ‘©πŸ‘¦ After so many years of living all together, it changes a life whether you like it or not!

Here’s how my husband reacted:

And this is my reaction :

Of course, I was sad I cried my life away for a few days but eventually I dried my tears and began to appreciate the benefits of being the only woman in the house again. I can leave my cosmetics and other accessories in the bathroom and I know they will be where I put them when I get back.

Less groceries, less laundry, less cleaning and also LESS DRAMA!!! 😜 All that to say, I’m getting used to and enjoying this “new life” more and more even though I get a little nostalgic at times. I just think that that when I started writing my first blog in 2007, they were so little!!!

New projects

Maybe it’s the void left by the girls leaving or just because I was there in my life but recently I’ve started getting involved in other projects. I’m lucky enough to have a husband who has always encouraged me and recently we were talking about the surprise gifts that will make up the Biscotte Yarns Advent Calendar and he said, “Well you’ve been talking about it for a long time, get on it now and do it!” πŸ˜„ I won’t tell you more for now, to be continued…!!

Always regarding my new projects, you may have noticed that Biscotte Yarns has been posting videos for a few months that I host every week. I was really reluctant at first (not to mention panicked) at the idea of being filmed on a weekly basis. But under the supervision of my producer husband πŸ˜… I’m starting to feel a little more comfortable (and I think I’ve finally become desensitized to my own image, it’s really quite liberating!)

To watch this series of weekly video, go to Biscotte’s YouTube channel HERE

I also started to get interested in graphic design and fabric pattern prints. I’ve developed a few prints that I want to use to create a bags collection for knitters. I can’t show you much of it but just to satisfy your curiosity (and satisfy my eagerness to show you these fabrics!!) here’s an overview:

As for knitting patterns, I’m currently working on a dog knitting pattern 🐢 … Yes: for dog as in “woof! woof!” πŸ˜„ I’m currently finishing the French version, translating into English and as soon as it’s ready I’m sending an email to my tester list.

My latest Belle de jour shawl pattern

After several weeks of testing, I have finally published Belle de jour shawl pattern knitted with my beautiful Granola yarn that I love!

For the design of this shawl, I had to unravel and start over at least 5 times and you have no idea how much help I got from the testers to complete the writing of this pattern. I’m really happy with the end result ☺ You can get this pattern on Ravelry right here: Belle de jour shawl pattern or on Biscotte Yarns (also available in KNITTING KIT HERE πŸ‘‡)


Changes to come…

Since “Louise Robert Design Collection” isn’t all about designs and yarn, I’ve decided to reorient my “brand” a bit to simply rename it Louise Robert Collection…

Louise Robert Collection

That’s it for today! I hope you like my new projects: I can’t wait to show you all this β™₯ Feel free to leave me comments, questions and/or special requests, I love reading you!!! Find me on the Youtube channel of Biscotte Yarns for my weekly videos β™₯

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