I am pleased to announce the results of my KID SILK contest – Challenge me to write your pattern and at the same time, introduce the next designs I will work on!

On a total of 610 votes, here are the three projects that received the most votes from the public:

Sylvie Benoit project

Asymmetrical jacket – 206 votes

“I’m really dreaming of an asymmetrical jacket for cooler or colder days in the fall or spring. A comfortable jacket that is loose without being too tight. A jacket that is so soft and warm that it’s great to snuggle up in. It would knit from the top-down. Mainly in stockinette, but some details inserted like, for example, some mini-cabled borders or a brioche stitch on the shoulders, make the jacket have a “je ne sais quoi” that really pleases by its originality without being too busy.
The sleeves are slightly puffy (with ribs or a long border worked in mini-cables or else) on them (so the puff of the sleeve is less likely to get dirty). There would be two hidden pockets, useful to slip your cell phone in when you go for a nice walk. The jacket would be fastened diagonally, ideally with a zipper. A high collar when the jacket is completely closed, or a little more open when it is not completely closed
With a DK yarn featuring the Kid Silk Ardoise, Metal or Bonheur d’occasion that would be knitted with.”
– Sylvie Benoit

Christine Homonylo project

Wrap on the theme of the Nebra Sky Disc – 141 votes

“Nebra Sky Disc – the world’s oldest surviving map of the stars. A remarkably preserved 4,000-year-old timber circle dubbed Seahenge. I imagine a wrap of Kid Silk in the gorgeous colours of the disc – verdigris, gold, bronze, turquoise, navy and grey. A swirl of the cosmos to keep off the chill and showcase the yarn. The luxurious wrap would be a large showpiece – maybe a generous half circle shape echoing the wonder of ancient discoveries?!” – Christine Homonylo

Sylvie Mékidèche project

Poncho on the theme of the feather – 75 votes

“My project was born from two sources, the first is the painting “The Lost Illusions” by Charles Gleyre which has always fascinated me (Doc 1). It is said that this painter had a kind of revelation when he was on the banks of the Nile in Egypt. He would have had the vision of this boat with women more beautiful than the others sailing in front of him. I look at this woman holding the big feather, her gaze is turned towards us, it is as if she was calling me. And I see myself embarking with her with a feathered garment that embodies the lightness required for this journey.
For the model, my second source of inspiration was a book that some friends gave me called “Fairy Parade” with beautiful illustrations, which presents clothes that fairies would wear for special occasions (Doc 2 and 3).
Doc 4 shows the pattern as I imagined it to be on board, a poncho to be put on by the head, for the front a set of feather patterns glued together in a harmonious way and a back part with vertical lines on a mesh for example (for even more lightness) ending with feathers on the edges as drawn and ending in a point.
I can see all this knitted with kid silk wool (1 or 2 threads?) which will bring softness. Pastel colors reminiscent of the painting could be used, but Doc 5 has a fairly clean color scheme that could work well too. It’s up to each person’s taste.
I like to knit in the round, maybe this pattern could be knit that way?”
– Sylvie Mékidèche

So as agreed, I am starting to work on writing these three patterns. Sylvie Benoit, Christine Homonylo and Sylvie Mékidèche will receive their prize including the pattern and the yarn needed to make it by December 31, 2022.

That’s not all: I have 3 more winners to announce!

Among all those who voted in this contest, there was a draw to determine 3 winners who will receive a complete project (yarn and pattern) among the 3 winning projects. Here are the three lucky winners of the draw:


To organize this contest, I used the EASY PROMOS application to ensure the integrity of the votes and the draw. You can consult the certificate of validity of the contest and the draw by clicking HERE.

Many thanks to everyone who participated in this contest. It was difficult to select the 5 finalists because I received many interesting ideas and now I can’t wait to get started!

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  1. Very interesting my friend sent me this , will definitely tune in to see what other exciting eye candy there is to behold

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