Impressionist yoke

I am particularly proud to present this new Impressionist model 🤗 This design combines all my passions: art history and knitting with artisanal yarn. ♥

Houses of parliament
Claude Monet, 1901-1903
Oil on canvas 81 x 92 cm

Impressionism is an artistic movement characterized, among other things, by its visible brush strokes and a desire to capture fugitive impressions as well as the light of atmospheric phenomena.

It is by thinking of Monet, Renoir and Degas who made light and its plays the essential and moving element of their paintings that I designed the stranded colourwork design of this model.

This yoke sweater is worked from the top down with a hem highlighted by a mosaic stitch band. The sleeves have been designed longer so that the ribs can be folded over the wrist.  Of course, you may change this detail by knitting shorter sleeves if you prefer.

I was lucky enough to have test knitters for this pattern so you can see two colour variations of the final sweater. On the left, the original version knitted with DK PURE Courtisane, Stonehenge, Wonder of you and Marie-Antoinette, all from my collection of hand-dyed yarns. On the right, the test knit was made with DK PURE Green Gables & Épinette (from Biscotte Yarns collection), Traviata & Gingerbread (from my collection)

I am really happy with the end result because I achieved exactly the “impressionist look” I was looking for.

You can get this pattern on my Ravelry store; you will also find the yarn and the pattern on website!

So this is it for today!! The next post should be about the new yarns to be launched very soon!

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