Ane one more..!

I have always been a relatively reserved person… I don’t like to make waves or attract attention. That’s probably why, as Biscotte & Cie has grown in popularity, I’ve quietly stepped aside to make room.

With the years, the “I” of Biscotte & Cie has become “we”… and I sometimes have the feeling that the “we” has become an entity that does not belong to me anymore… Yes, I am in my 40’s, the pivotal stage where my role as a mother and a woman is changing. That said, some things will never change and you can probably guess that knitting is one of them. For me, knitting is an inexhaustible source of comfort and security, a landmark between yesterday and tomorrow!

Another thing that doesn’t change is Elvis…my evil cat! He looks good in this picture, but just a few minutes after taking this picture (pure happiness), he took advantage of the time I’m writing this blog to play with a ball of wool from my current shawl. Believe it or not, the ball of yarn in question left my living room, went around the coffee table and down the stairs to the basement, back around the room from below and back upstairs under the living room couch! It’s not a cat: it’s a little devil (but a nice little devil 😈 )!

Biscotte Minis Écheveaux


I am looking for test knitters: click on the following link to SUBSCRIBE TO THE TESTERS LIST.

À bientôt xxx

8 Replies to “Ane one more..!”

  1. Bonjour
    J’aimerais bien être une testeuse de votre châle.Présentement je suis en arrêt de travail et en traitement de radiothérapie

  2. Ce châle que l’on voit sur la photo? Il semble magnifique. Je le testerais avec grand plaisir s’il vous manque encore des testeurs….

    Ravelry : FRANCELEG

  3. Le tricot faif partie de mon quotidien. Ce serait un privilège pour moi de tester pour vous.
    Dabs l’attente de vos nouvelles

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